Solid Oak Computer Desk

Solid Oak Computer Desk

Small Solid Oak Computer Desk 1200mm wide x 500mm deep

Computer Desk in Solid Oak 1400mm wide x 600mm deep

Computer Desk of Solid Oak 1350mm wide x 550mm deep

Solid Oak Computer Desk 1400mm wide x 600mm deep

Solid Oak Computer Desk 1350mm wide x 600mm deep

Solid Oak Top Desk with Painted Drawers and Cupboard Base

Solid Oak Computer Desk 1400mm wide x 680mm deep

Solid Oak Desk for Computer 1380mm wide x 680mm deep

Computer Desk in Solid Oak 1400mm wide x 680mm deep

Large Solid Oak Computer Desk 1500mm wide x 680mm deep

Check out our collection of stunning high quality solid oak computer desks which are designed to enhance your home or office as an attractive and highly functional item of furniture upon which to work. Our at-a-glance guide to a selection of computer desks made from solid oak wood endeavours to accurately show both the width and depth of each desk featured (though you should always double check the sizes shown on the product details page before proceeding to place an order order in case of an amendment to specification). If you are looking to fit a solid oak computer desk into an alcove or into a specific area then our size guide should allow you to home straight in onto the correct sized desk to suit your requirement.

Solid Oak Desk Construction

The specification and construction of the solid oak desks featured in our collection does vary from desk to desk but you can be sure that these oak desks are generally expertly made and assembled by craftsmen. The solid oak desktops often feature quality bowed tops, bevelled frames and/or first class mitred joints. Most drawer units incorporate solid oak drawers made with quality dovetailed joints. Drawer linings are also mostly constructed from solid oak and are perfect for storing paperwork, stationery and your general computer bits and bobs in style.

Features of a Computer Desk

When looking for any computer desk in solid oak or any other materials you should always consider the type of computer equipment and peripherals that you intend to use. The days of huge desktop computers with old fashioned heavy CRT monitors perched on top now are long gone. Most computer users now use either a laptop computer or perhaps an Apple Ipad. Somewhat less common these days are computers with a compact and lightweight flat screen connected to a separate CPU unit. While the trend in computer equipment has been towards more lightweight and compact machines, it follows that many users can now manage with a much smaller computer desk than was previously required. Standard commercial office desks are generally 80cm (800mm) deep. These days a desk depth of 60cm (600mm) is generally enough to comfortably operate a laptop computer and if space is particularly tight this can be reduced down as low as 50cm (500mm) or maybe even less. Some of the oak computer desks featured on this site incorporate separate printer shelves and deep cupboards which may be perfect for housing a separate CPU unit though you should always check that there is adequate space and ventilation for your equipment.

Oak Computer Desks for Home

Regardless of if you are searching for a desk for your home or for your office, we think that our easy to use guide features one of the best selections of solid oak computer desks available in the UK marketplace. When ordering any item of furniture manufactured from solid oak it is extremely important to be confident that the handling during both the manufacturing and the delivery process is absolutely first rate. Great care has been taken to ensure that the products featured on this site are well handled throughout the manufacturing process and that they are delivered by an expert and competent delivery team.

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